Press Reviews about Yoshié Ichige

Badische Neueste Nachrichten, Baden-Baden
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Welt am Sonntag, Berlin
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Kärntner Tageszeitung
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Stadtjournal, Vienna
With the voice of a nightingale, Yoshié ichige is considered one of the most important interpreters of Japanese songs and compositions. Her performances ideally combine the magic of the Far East with European cultural heritage, her works sound exotic and yet are somehow familiar to our ears.

Die Union, Dresden
... anyone who is able to lose onself in the meditative depth of these songs can sense how this art form - more than any other - is in harmony with the soul. The voice of this Japanese lady masters the heights and depth of a wide vocal range without effort.

SVZ, Salzburg
Music critics have called the Japanese coloratura soprano the "Callas of Japan." At the age of four she was considered a wunderkind.

The Montclarion, USA
"Callas of Japan" appearing in Berkley and San Francisco.

Rupertusblatt, Salzburg
... Her gentle and charming nature was readily apparent and enabled the "human dialogue" to succeed. As if transported to another world, the audience was enthused as well with her charm and the virtuosity of the performance and the purity of her voice.

Rems Zeitung, Germany
Yoshié Ichige mastered musical passages of even the greatest degree of difficulty with ease.

The Piedmonter, USA
One of the more charming musical evenings of recent memory was presented Saturday at Fort Mason's Cowell Theatre...

Al-ahram Zeitung, Egypt
Opera Festival of the Cairo Opera with the song cycle "Longing for Ancient Japan" by Yoshié Ichige.

The Journal, USA
The flutist echoed her singing, or tried to, and couldn't come close to Ichige's virtuosity.

Local Press, Oxford
For those present at the Holywell Music Room last Thursday evening, there was the dual experience of the unexpectedly familiar and the distinctly unusual.

Astro, Czech Republic
The fulfillment of a wunderkind's dream - a voice of the stars and an inner light.

Opernglas, Hamburg
... Her trademark is the ability to combine many talents. Her perfect vocal technique is merely a means for telling a variety of interesting short stories. She herself can best be understood as an all-around artist, and she does not let herself be categorized as a singer, a composer, an arranger, an actress, or a reciter. Instead she is a bit of all of these and it is precisely this successful combination of a variety of talents, that produces a most interesting figure.

Shizuoka Newspaper, Japan
Premier of the opera "Magic Veil": One wonderful piece of music after another, the crystal clear singing, the ensemble of Japanese koto and European harp. The audience was able to enjoy fully the pure singing in this opera about the beauty of the coast of Miho.

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